All sales are required to be registered, which the Notary will undertake once the purchase is completed, usually 30 days.

Modus Operandi

We strongly recommend that each purchaser/s instruct a solicitor to handle the transaction. We will work closely alongside to acquire all documentation, assist in this procedure and communicate with you the vendor and the solicitor at every step of the way.

These services will or may include:

1. Verification of title deeds

2. Title Search (Visura Catastale) on the property and neighbouring land for any third party rights to purchase. The latter only applicable when agricultural land is involved.

3. Appointment of a surveyor or other professional bodies or organisations to inspect or report on the Italian property.

4. Identification of loans, mortgages or other burdens.

5. Investigation of any rights of way, roads and entitlements that may affect the property.

6. Opening bank accounts.

7. Acquisition of tax code for purchaser/s.

8. Preparation of documents in your own language.

9. Co-ordination of the entire transaction from initial negotiations to completion.

10. Changing of services.

11. Acquire building and other insurances.

12. Help with transportation.